January 17, 2022 By ekorko 0

The patient thought it was a big powder tumor, but after seeing the doctor,

it was found that the hardness and touch were like a swollen crab foot. After incision, the crab foot swollen and fibrosis were removed with a small wound, and the postoperative recovery was good.

Dr George I could watch you all day!! Whatever needed to be removed you are the Dr to go to. You go in, get what’s there and get out. I love watching your work! You are the best big the best!! ❤️😊❤️


People are now realizing your excellent skill and knowledge. I knew it from the first video you made and i continue to support your journey through the pimples and bumps. Keep it coming just give us more videos please.

Tell me, would you watch if I created a “best of Dr. George” compilation? I’m also going to compile other themes, something like: exploding cysts, blackheads on the lips, deep nose extractions, infections, etc….the best of those categories, of course. I dont see a channel that has something like that, and I know I would enjoy a weekly compilation! What do you think?